POS System and Cash Register Software for Restaurants


  • Compatible with a variety of operating systems, support cross-platform networking.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • In line with the different tax requirements of different countries.
  • To meet the special requirements of the international market POS system.
  • The software can be used online or offline.

Additional information


  1. Compatible with a variety of operating systems, support cross-platform networking.

The same system supports ARM Linux, Windows 10, android and other three operating systems. This cross-platform application is currently the most advanced POS system solution at home and abroad.  Date can be switched to each other and cross-platform networking is realized. It combines advance, forward-looking, compatibility and practicality to meet the diversified choices of new customers and the upgrading of old customers.

  1. Support multiple languages.

IamPOS multi-Lingual POS system not only supports several major languages, such as Chinese, English, Russian, French, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese,  but also fully supports more. The small language covers almost all languages in all countries, such as Vietnamese, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Thai, Persian and so on.  And you can switch between different languages, and the products can be displayed and printed in two different languages. Windows system has a lot of inconvenience when installing fonts, keyboards, and input methods. Therefore, we have made multi-language keyboards, input methods, etc., which can be easily set up on the embedded machine and ready to use.

  1. In line with the different tax requirements of different countries.

We have been involved in the development of Fiscal Board design and application software in Italy, Russia, Latvia and other countries. On this basis, we have thoroughly studied various types of tax system around the world. For example, some countries have three types of taxes, depending on the customer. Choose one of the three, such as some South American countries; some countries are two kinds of taxes, such as: Canada, India, etc.; some national product prices include taxes(China, Malaysia, etc.); some national product prices do not include taxes(United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, etc.). In short, it can meet the requirements of the government tax system of most countries and regions, and some can even connect to the national tax system of the host country. All invoice formats are also freely customizable. In other countries with special requirements, our team can develop for customers for free.

  1. To meet the special requirements of the international market POS system.
  • North American countries that must accept tip can the recommended tip rate in the background and print it on the rceipt.

  • If there is a restaurant software, you can design a table map according to the actual shape of the table. And support a variety of settlement methods such as regular order, Split order, Split payment or AA payment.

  • It can also be set for different currencies. For example, some countries have larger currency amounts, which can be displayed as 56k, 12.4K. In the next step, we will add exchange rates for different currencies in the software. The amount of several currencies is also displayed. For example: 1032 INR, you can display the equivalent other currency on the secondary screen, respectively: 100 CNY,  14.9 USD, 11.36 GBP, 13.26 EUR... ... which currency to use to swipe or pay cash

  1. The software can be used online or offline.

IamPOS multi-language POS System can not only access the clound, but also realize multi-store chain, transfer distribution, powerful membership card system, and can backup in the cloud, remote management, mobile phone viewing reports, and can also be used independently from the internet, in a store, Many POS and computers with different operating systems can set up a local area network.

Other well-known retail software features, of course, IamPOS, and will not repeat them here. In addition, multi-language embedded POS System(software and hardware, simple and convenient, safe and efficient) is very friendly to all kinds of peripherals. Scanning equipment, printer, bar code scales, etc. are plug and play, saving customers’s deployment and training, after-sales costs.


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