ISH58 Direct Thermal Printer


ISH58 Direct Thermal Printer, POS Printer

  • Beautiful and eye-catching, compact and cute body
  • Touch panel design, waterproof, moisture-proof and durable
  • Intelligent voice prompts, easy to understand
  • Rich communication interface, cloud printing service
  • USB/Ethernet/Bluetooth/WIFI/GPRS
  • Support application development and rapid advancement of business

Application areas

  • Delivery, catering, business super and other bill printing
  • Electronic cash register POS system ticket printing
  • Sports, postal, civil aviation ticket printing
  • Self-service inquiry, service system information printing

Additional information

Weight 0.62 kg


  • Small and exquisite body, eye catching appearance;
  • Multiple interfaces with cloud print service;
  • Touch panel design, waterproof. damp-proof and durable;
  • Support USB/Ethernet/ Bluetooth / WIFI /GPRS;
  • Support Smart Speak function, easy to operate;
  • Support application development to promote business rapidly.

Additional information

Weight 0.62 kg


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